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Chronicling the Love between the West and Black tea

Black tea is by far the most popular tea type in the West, especially the English where the word ‘tea’ has evolved beyond a beverage to an activity, a ritual even. Afternoon tea has become a fixture in English households … Continue reading

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An Overview of the Types of Chinese Tea

Commonly Chinese tea is classified into six types namely white, yellow, Pu-er, green, black and oolong. There are other types of tea related beverages that do not originate from the camellia sinensis plant are generally classified as herbal tea or … Continue reading

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In case you tried to access this site yesterday, it was ‘suspended’ as the bots of wordpress thought my previous post about blogs was a shameless and ill-disguised effort to generate web-traffic. Had me worried for a while, especially when … Continue reading

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Chinese Tea Isn’t Just for the Chinese Part I- Blogging about Tea Blogs

After I started my venture into Chinese Tea, not a day goes by without some variation of ‘Chinese Tea’ appearing on my search engine, be it utensils, culture, history, benefits, types of and so on. With each click, I am … Continue reading

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Getting the Right Tools for the Job- Pairing the Utensil with the Tea Type

There is a famous Chinese saying:‘工欲善其事,必先利其器’which means, if you yearn to excel at the job, you must prepare the right tools. Indeed, this saying is true in many ways, including brewing of Chinese tea. It is a common misperception that … Continue reading

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My Love Affair With Tea

It wasn’t love at first sight if truth be told. But then again, I didn’t really know anything then. My interaction with Chinese tea was mostly in Chinese restaurants where I was told that if I drank that brown liquid, … Continue reading

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Enhancing Your Enjoyment of Chinese Tea Part I- ‘Nurturing’ a pot

The experience of Chinese Tea is more than merely consuming the liquid, as gratifying as that may be. There are so many facets to this wonderful experience that it often becomes intimidating, especially to the first-timer. If you have been … Continue reading

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Loose Tea Leaves vs Tea Bags

Why are tea purists, especially Chinese tea purist not drinking from tea bags, steadfastly insisting on the oft more expensive, and troublesome loose tea leaves. After all, for sheer convenience, nothing comes close to the humble tea bag. 1) Put … Continue reading

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Why Chinese tea?

There are so many reasons you should try, if not embrace Chinese tea. After all, the most populous nation of the world have been drinking it for thousands of years. No other drink has sparked a war or played a … Continue reading

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The Chinese saying goes ‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’, for what it’s worth, I am stumbling out the door. For starters, what are we all about? In simplicity, we are tea evangelists. More specifically, … Continue reading

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