It all begins with this

The Chinese saying goes ‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’, for what it’s worth, I am stumbling out the door.

For starters, what are we all about? In simplicity, we are tea evangelists. More specifically, the branch of Camellia Sinensis commonly known to the world as ‘Chinese tea’.


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We realized that in Singapore where we hail from, at least among our generation- tea is commonly associated either with English tea (Earl Grey, Darjeeling, English Breakfast Tea etc) or Japanese Green tea (Matcha, Sencha etc).

Yet at the same time, the common expression is ‘All the tea in China’ and tea sets are commonly made from materials known as ‘china’. Surely, ‘tea’ and ‘China’ should be an instant association.

China is also the biggest tea producer in the world although most of its tea is consumed within the nation. Kenya, incidentally is the biggest tea exporter in the world, not China or India even though these two nations produce more tea than Kenya. Indeed, given the population of China, it would seem that tea farmers could survive happily even if they do not export a single Chinese tea leaf to the rest of the world.

Which is a huge loss for us (us being the rest of the world)

Chinese tea is an affordable, enjoyable, healthy and calorie free everyday drink which can and should be enjoyed by everyone*, regardless of race or geographical locations.

*Disclaimer: Pregnant ladies and individuals with certain medical conditions are not advised to consume tea*

At Peony Tea Solutions, our mission is to bring Chinese tea to everyone.

I will be blogging more about us and Chinese tea in general but consider this a big ‘Hello’ to the world at large!

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