Why Chinese tea?

There are so many reasons you should try, if not embrace Chinese tea.

After all, the most populous nation of the world have been drinking it for thousands of years. No other drink has sparked a war or played a key role in sparking a revolution.

Here are just some of the main reasons why you should drink Chinese tea.

Chinese Tea Promotes Longevity

Tea has antioxidants, cancer retardation properties, anti-bacterial properties which besides being a mouthful, play a role in extending our lifespans.

It’s true. Tea in general slows down the damage that the passage of time has on our bodies most notably through its high content of antioxidants. What these babies do is they neutralize free radicals. This is not a medical journal but do know that this avant-garde sounding agents damage cells, clog arteries and contribute to chronic illness and aging. Sounds like the effect some bohemians have on their parents but I digress.

Besides extending our life expectancy rate, tea also protects our dignity during that period. Regular consumption of tea has been linked to staving off the onset of Alzheimer and Parkinson disease in test subjects.

So not tea drinkers not only live longer but maintain their lucidity longer as well.

Chinese Tea Undoes the Abuse of Overeating

Well, not quite but Chinese tea speeds the emulsification of fat through the release of polyphenols which modifies the breakdown and release of fats.

In addition, Chinese tea lowers the blood lipids levels which in turns leads to lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

This does not mean you are then free to devour deep fried chicken wings like a prisoner on death row, but regular consumption of tea does help to alleviate the self-inflicted damage.

Chinese Tea Beautifies the Drinker

I came across this on AOL news:

‘Tea contains high levels of compounds that combat the absorption of fat, Japanese scientists have found. These compounds, called theaflavins and thearubigins, stopped weight gain when given to rats on a high-fat diet, the journal Nutrition reported this month.’

The article goes on to say ‘the catch is there is no milk and sugar in the tea’- not really much of a ‘catch’ if your tea is Chinese tea (or Japanese tea for that matter).

Further, antioxidants slowly down aging of the skin and has a whitening effect on subjects. Coupled with flouride compounds in tea which leads to stronger teeth and better breath control, regular consumption of tea has a positive effect on your image.

Chinese Tea is Affordable

Unlike the flavor of the month miracle drugs, Chinese tea does not cost a bomb. Well, some do but most don’t.
Each brew costs probably a dollar to two or so and you can brew it multiple times.
Compare that with antioxidant pills and green tea compound pills which costs more but does not encompass the full spectrum of benefits Chinese tea has, it appears we have a ‘no-brainer’ on our hands.
Chinese Tea Tastes Great
Of course all of that does not mean much if Chinese Tea taste awful. The good news it, Chinese Tea is more than merely ‘drinkable without pinching your nose’. Chinese tea tastes great.
If you snigger at that comment or recall when your Chinese Tea tastes bitter, it means it was not brewed properly. We will blog about that in the near future but know this:
(Brewed right) Chinese Tea tastes great.
While it is true that taste is a very individual thing but within all the types of Chinese tea available, there is something for your palate.
I could write another five hundred or fifty thousand words on this subject but nothing beats trying Chinese tea yourself- just the last point alone is a sufficiently compelling reason why you should drink Chinese tea.
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