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Mt Wuyi- Probably the Greatest Tea Producing Area

If you have any interest in Chinese tea, very soon you will come across the word ‘Wuyi’ or ‘Mt Wuyi’ or ‘Wuyi tea’. Where is this Mt Wuyi? Location of Mt Wuyi Mt Wuyi or Wuyishan district is located in … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name- How Some Famous Teas got their names

Chinese tea is the stuff of legends. A combination of age old traditions and Chinese penchant for hyperbole plus the plethora of Chinese myths handed down the generations conspired to provide literally thousands of tales for teas across different provinces … Continue reading

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An Overview of the History of Tea in China

The earliest accounts of Chinese tea appeared in 2700 BC, in the Medical Journals of Shen Nong. It was narrated that Shen Nong had experimented with hundreds of shrubs and herbs that day, resulted in him being afflicted by 72 … Continue reading

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How to Brew Green Tea- Getting the Right Water Temperature

In brewing green tea, the most important thing is water temperature. If it’s too high, the leaves are scalded and tastes bitter. If it’s too low, the flavor of the tea is not unlocked. Most green teas have a recommended … Continue reading

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All About Oolong- Part II

Oolong Categories Oolong is broadly categorized into four main types- based on its place of origin.The four main categories are Min Bei (North Fujian), Min Nan (South Fujian), Guangdong and Taiwan oolongs. Min Bei Oolong Min Bei teas include the … Continue reading

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All About Oolong- Part I

Oolong tea can be described as a hybrid between the green and black varieties as its  process incorporates elements from these two cousins- semi-oxidized and all. Not to mention the fact that the leaves of oolong tea are green with … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting- When your Brew Tastes Terrible

After you have poured yourself (or your guest) a cup of tea, you take your first sip and it tastes terrible! Your guest grimaces but is too polite to say anything. He doesn’t need to. The fact that he is … Continue reading

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Serving Tea- An Act of Humility

As mentioned before, Chinese tea is more than just a beverage, it is an experience, a culture and a way of life. For the Chinese, serving tea is an act of humility that the server shows his willingness to be … Continue reading

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Brewing Chinese tea- It’s not that hard after all

There is a common misunderstanding that brewing Chinese tea is a challenging task, only achievable if you had years of training and can comprehend arcane references. Here is a simple way to brew and enjoy pu-er (but you can use … Continue reading

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Correcting Two Common Misunderstandings About Green Tea

After black tea, green tea is the most widely consumed type of tea in the world. Like Chinese tea in general, green tea is widely misunderstood but first a little background story. Green tea’s popularity started rocketing when studies emerged, … Continue reading

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