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Uniquely Singaporean (and Malaysian) tea culture- Pork Ribs Tea

Bak Kut Teh or literally Pork Ribs Tea has achieved such ubiquity in Singapore and Malaysia during my formative years that it was only recently that I realized it was in fact unique to this part of the world. In … Continue reading

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Introducing Tea Guardian- The Best Tea Resource online I Have Came Across So Far

With all the promotion that I have been doing for Tea Guardian these 2 days, you could be forgiven for thinking I have a stake in it. Let me refute that in no uncertain terms, I came across this on … Continue reading

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The Chinese Art of Tea

The art of tea or 茶道 in Chinese would be more accurately translated as the ‘Way of Tea’; a philosophy, a way of life as opposed to a technique or a methodology. Considering how deeply ingrained tea is in Chinese … Continue reading

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Dispelling Some Myths About Chinese Tea

Chinese tea has been an integral part of the Chinese way of life for thousands of years. Whenever you talk about ‘Chinese culture’, you won’t get very far without bringing it up. Yet Chinese tea is often misunderstood by not … Continue reading

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How to Store Tea Properly

Tea Storage You just added to your tea stash, perhaps you bought a few at a go so you can enjoy sampling them. But you are worried the tea leaves will lose their fragrance or worse spoil. How can you … Continue reading

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Enhancing Your Tea Experience- Nurturing a Tea Pet

Chinese tea is a multi-faceted experience and rewards the loyal. Previously I blogged about nurturing a Zisha pot. For many tea lovers in China especially, nurturing a tea pet is also part of the territory. A tea pet is simply … Continue reading

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Giving This Old Zisha Pot a New Lease of Life

Last month, my mum found this Zisha pot in a storeroom. To cut a long story short, she bought it about 10 years ago but somehow forgot all about it. Happily I brought it home but when I unwrapped it, … Continue reading

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We’ve launched & free tea giveaway (for Singapore addresses only)

Dear friends, Peony Tea Solutions has finally started business! To announce our arrival to the world at large, we’re giving away free tea samples. Just email your name and mailing address to and we’ll mail some samples to you. … Continue reading

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