Visually Comparing the 4 main sub-categories of oolong

Oolong can be further divided into 4 main sub-categories based on its area of origin- namely Minnan (Southern Fujian), Minbei (Northern Fujian), Taiwan & Guangdong.











All the 4 types of teas are 6g and shot on the same cha-he to provide a visual reference and comparison.

Each type of tea is chosen is probably the best known of its tea producing region and representative of the popular oolong production method in its respective area.

Minnan Oolong

Anxi Tieguanyin is chosen here- other famous and popular Minnan Oolongs include Yongchun Foshou and Huangjingui



Minbei Oolong

Wuyi Dahongpao is shown here. Other famous oolongs include the Rougui, Wuyi Shuixian.



Taiwan Oolong

Dongding is shown here, other popular Taiwan oolongs include Alishan and Dongfang Meiren.



Guangdong Oolong

Fenghuang Dancong is shown here. Other popular Guangdong oolongs include Guangdong Shuixian and Baiye Dancong.



The characteristics of each wonderful type of oolong is too much to go into detail here but a general summary is that the Minnan & Taiwanese oolongs tend to be lighter in both color and flavor while the Minbei & Guangdong oolongs are more heavy in color and flavor. There are exceptions of course but this is a very general guide.

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