Yet another Tea Blog

What? Yet another tea blog?

I have this tea blog, blog on our company site now I just started yet another tea blog. What’s with all these blogs?

Well, thematically it differs.

On our corporate blog it is generally more informative. Stuff on brewing tea, storage, history, background of tea leaves we carry etc.

This blog has eventually gone down a more whimsical path, stuff that I needed to talk about but didn’t seem appropriate to on the company blog. Corporate image- small privately owned business notwithstanding- needs to be upheld.

As for the new one, the name- Tea Odyssey pretty much tells you what it’s about. It chronicles some of the interesting teas I have come across in my life. A bit of background and how it is brewed and some thoughts on the tea.

It is not meant to be of a commercial nature- though some of those may eventually be sold on our site-but rather a document of our explorations. Hence you will not see any disclosure on retail sources of the tea, whether good or bad.

Rather, I meant for it to stir the reader’s interest in finding out more about those teas and how they came about.

So far I have written about Hong Jin Gui (a Fujian black), Dinggu Dafang (Anhui green) and Jiuqu Hongmei (Zhejiang black).

You can expect similar less well-known- at least outside of China- teas being covered though I won’t discount writing about famous teas.

Only commonality is that those won’t be sold on our online tea shop at point of writing.

So do take a look and leave your comments.

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