Random Musings

Now that I have blogs with more specific themes, this blog is becoming an avenue for me to pen some random musings down- you know more like most blogs.

In recent months, I am quite quiet on all tea forums for various reasons that I won’t go into here except to say that considering the scarcity of time for a small business owner, it’s not the best idea for me.

I do scan the forums on occasion though, most times to search for inspiration to blog about on the corporate blog. I came across this post where an individual told a vendor outright that her stuff are extraordinarily expensive.

Now a bit of background, the vendor was not soliciting for opinions, she was advertising her blog which admittedly is a crude way of advertising her business. Which anyway she is far from the only one to use forums in that manner.

On un-policed forums, vendors would take every occasion to tout their wares- apocalypse coming? We got just the thing for you!

Coming back to that person, I don’t think its proper to go on a public forum and say that someone’s wares is expensive unless it’s a review site or something.

And I don’t think tea is ever really expensive- it is very often overpriced but inexpensive teas are often overpriced and pricey teas are often fairly priced. This is a case of the massive price difference on the market.

You can overpay for a $15 ‘Big Red Robe’ which has nil ‘yanyun’, probably not grown within the confines of Nine Bend Streams and tastes like JianOu shuixian more than anything else. At the same time, it can be a bargain to pay $50 for 50g of genuine Big Red Robe with traditional high firing done right and the distinctive ‘yan yun’ shining.

That person’s opinion in fact could be valid but his reasoning stemmed from ignorance more than anything else.

Now I am not saying this because I sell tea, personally it irks me that vendors sell overpriced low quality tea. This may not be pricey teas but low grade variants that sully the name of the tea.

For example I love Longjing but most of the Longjing on the market are not worthy of the name. They are flattened wok-roasted green teas, that’s where the similarities end. Flat tasting, highly astringent, none of the beany fragrance and virtually no lingering sweetness to speak of.

To pay even $10 (50g) for that quality of tea is expensive.

On the other hand, a good quality Longjing- forget about labels like ‘shifeng’ and ‘mingqian’, genuine ones are extremely pricey- can be a bargain at $20 + per 50g but you need to search.

Think I went on an unnecessary tangent but hey, that’s what blogs are for. ;p


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