Not Following My Own Advice

Us know-it-all types often dispense advice liberally. I wrote more than 200 hundred articles on my company tea blog giving all sorts of information related to brewing tea, tea appreciation and the like.
CAM00429Sometimes though, I ignore my own advice and go for irrational purchases. How else can I explain why I have nearly 10 gaiwans despite my belief that tea wares are not the best value for money in terms of improving the taste of teas. (The only reason why I ‘only’ have 5 yixing pots is that I am an advocate of not having too many so I can better season what I have).

So for the longest time I put off buying a Tetsubin kettle- too expensive, I hardly ever boil water with the stove, more convenient to use a variable temperature kettle, I already have 4 tea kettles and so forth.

All it took was a simple question “I’m in Kyoto now, do you want anything?”

Gone was my arguments and fiscal responsibility and for that good ten minutes, I provided him with the specs and photos that I had toyed about in my head for a year.

It was the kind of request that only a blood relation would entertain, given how heavy a Tetsubin kettle is, even a 1.2 litre one weighed like a sledgehammer.

All the way from Kyoto to Singapore to my household where I nearly giggled like a school girl when I saw it, dizzy with excitement when I think of how more amazing my yancha, tieguanyin and puer is going to taste with this.

Sometimes it’s good to ignore my own advice and live irresponsibly.

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