Dealing with the Singapore Haze

Last week, things have been hazy here in Singapore, literally. For a country that has been given the moniker of “Garden City”, haze (at those levels we should call it smog) is not something we are accustomed to.

Courtesy of forest fires in Indonesia, monitoring the PSI levels has replaced monitoring the STI as our favorite activity.

When it crossed over the 300 mark as it did on Thursday onward, it wasn’t a laughing matter. Holing up at home, we were thankful for the air-purifiers (yes, plural, lucky us) we received as a house warming gift.

Still, competing depression was as challenging as finding fresh air.

Donning a mask, my wife whipped up some home made Bak Kut Teh for me to overcome my Founders Bak Kut Teh craving.

bak kut tehThe meat was succulent and a bit fatty, the way I like it.

If I had any bones to pick (ingrate) I had to say it was not peppery enough but given my toddler daughter’s palates that much is understandable.

Customizing it for our family’s palates, there was the inclusion of cabbage (mine) and Goji berry (my daughter’s) and a huge dash of love.

Naturally what bak kut teh meal is complete without oolong tea. Fujian oolong to be more precise.

bak kut teh teaThe spiciness and greasiness of bak kut teh makes oolong tea a perfect complement and I paired it with one of my daily favorites- Huang Jin Gui.

The aroma permeated my entire mouth and the huigan soothes the throat.

It was such a delightful interlude, that I almost could have forgotten the PSI outside was at near hazardous levels.

The simple indulgences of life, even when it’s crazy outside.

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One Response to Dealing with the Singapore Haze

  1. Steph W says:

    Simple, loving kindnesses!

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