You can’t make this up

In order not to lose track of the tea world in the English speaking world, I skim the forums from time to time, at least the biggest and most established one.

Long stopped commenting and participating because well, it is a black hole for time. You could get into arguments about brewing methods, whether it is superior to pour water from chest level and move up down or circular motion or flick of the wrist.

We tea lovers are passionate about our teas and often if the debate comes up on which method is the “best”, our answers are usually ours!

Of course, if we didn’t believe our method is the best, why would we use it?

Unless of course there are special circumstances, I believe spring water is the best but I live in urban Singapore, any source of fully ‘natural and unprocessed’ water is scary to me.

Anyway, sometimes there are good information on these forums but as with the world of the internet, intense weeding is required.

Other times, there is entertainment.

Much like most of this blog  to be fair, after a while this blog becomes my rant-y, nonsensical blog and I reserve the serious tea stuff for my online tea store‘s tea resource or my new-ish tea blog reserved for introducing different varieties of tea that I don’t sell, at least at point of writing.

What I’ve read lately definitely falls into the latter.

So this forum members starts to ask for the best XXX tea. High quality, really high quality tea, best in China (which for Chinese tea obviously means best in the world).

So other forum members start to reason with him (paraphrased)

– If you want the best, you really need to pay top dollar

– The best are not easily accessible, why don’t you share your experience and we’ll suggest something more realistic.

Then a more knowledgeable and respected member gives him a concrete figure.

– A very very high grade one- but not yet the best- cost $X,XXX per pound (yup 4 digit)

IMG_3497This guy immediately responds that it is not worth the $.

That is odd, considering he begun the thread by asking for the best, or the existence of really high grade ones, that means he has not experienced the highest echelon.

I am no wine connoisseur but I won’t say that a very high grade one is not worth $1,500 for example when I have never even tried one that is worth $150.

Then it gets better, after some irrelevant tangent.

Someone else suggests a more realistic range- of which the lower end is closer to supermarket grade teas than  premium teas. Somewhere around $x per 50g (single digit).

The same guy responds with a dismissive tone- not worth the money, guys in the forum obviously have too much money, stuff like that.

Makes me really wonder why he started asking for the ‘best’.

Next time I should walk into a Japanese fine dining joint and ask for their best Kobe beef and declare my willingness to pay no more than McDonald’s pricing.

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