Search Phrases that Led People to Us

On our wordpress dashboard, we can see how people come to us.

Sometimes it’s via referrals- though this blog has now become pretty lacking in useful information of late, can’t see why anyone would link to us- and sometimes it is search phrases.

Some phrases are kinda expected-

“tea blog”, “Chinese tea” etc.

Though we don’t really bother with the SEO of this blog so don’t think we are ranked highly  for those keywords.

Long tail searches though often turn up fun if not bizarre stuff.

Top Search Phrase

Interestingly enough, one of the top key word searches is “free tea samples Singapore” which well, no we aren’t giving any. Had one promo last year, well as the saying goes “never say never” so I’ll say we’ll do it again when hell freezes over.

Most Baffling Search Phrase

Another curious one is- “what’s the difference between Chinese tea and tea?”

Ordinarily a more specific phrase would be a subset of a general phrase but if someone asks this question- well I gather to that person “tea’ is served in a mug with milk and/or sugar and almost invariably black. That might be from China but more likely India, Kenya or Sri Lanka.

So I would say Chinese tea is much more than that- it entails green, white, yellow, oolong, black (with milk or without) and dark aka post-fermented.

More to the point, Chinese tea is tea.

In fact for most of civilization, Chinese (and later Japanese) tea IS tea. The only tea around.

British colony teas only came into being about 400 years ago while Chinese teas have been documented for at least 2000 years. For good order, Japanese tea has been around for more than 1300 years.

Funniest Phrase

But anyway, none of those searches inspired this post.

“Does oolong tea make your penis bigger?” did.

No, I didn’t make it up.

That came yesterday.

2 things came to my mind.



“Why me?”

“Oolong” is a word that frequently pops up in my writings. It is my favorite category of tea incidentally.

But up till today, in this very post, “penis” has never appeared in my writings, not online, not offline and not in any written form.

I spent 2 minutes thinking whether I might have used it in writing of any form.

Not one single plausible scenario came up.

So anyway, to answer that question- I don’t know, I can’t draw any conclusion from a sample size of one.

On second thoughts, I’m sorry I dignified that question with an answer.


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