Today in Tea News

Most people stop blogging because

i) lack of time

ii) lack of inspiration

iii) lack of interest

None of these news were from BBC but you get the idea….. Image taken from Wikicommons

Can’t help you with the first and third one but sometimes local news provides ample fodder.

Take today’s tea related news for instance:

Man arrested for sipping tea ‘suspiciously’, HC slams cops

This event or non-event actually occurred some time ago and appeared in my “tea –party” alert but it popped up again for the High Court’s response:

“”This is bewildering. We were unaware that the law required anyone to give an explanation for having tea, whether in the morning, noon or night. One might take tea in a variety of ways, not all of them always elegant or delicate, some of them perhaps even noisy. But we know of no way to drink tea ‘suspiciously’,” the HC said in its judgment. “

“Drinking tea suspiciously”, that’s news to me.

Not as in drinking suspicious looking tea- that happens frequently when I accepted samples from producers (don’t do so anymore) or drinking tea with a healthy amount of skepticism but drinking tea while APPEARING suspicious.

What did he do? Drink while casting furtive glances everywhere.

Which I actually do sometimes, I drink in a sneaky fashion on occasion for fear my wife would exclaim “are you STILL drinking tea? How much tea do you drink in a day?” which you think she would have given up asking by now, nearly 5 years into married life, but I digress.

Or drinking tea while sniggering sinisterly (ooh, there’s an adverb, kill it!).

Which actually has happened before to yours truly.

“Ooh, you call this a Dahongpao/Tieguanyin/Longjing/etc etc? …. hiak hiak hiak”

Unbecoming of me I know, but in defense I do so in solitude.

Methinks the suspicious manner the man was drinking was making up “flavor notes” to confuse his companions, depriving them of proper enjoyment of tea but maybe not.

Here’s another one.

From Cheryl Cole to kinky sex, bondage, tea and spanking at Trumpington Village Hall – all good, clean fun at Cambridge laundry

Sensationalized headline aside, it was pretty tame news but you would probably click on the link to see for yourself. BDSM insinuations can do that to people.

Next up is this

Teacher makes stomach-churning video of himself squirting tea from a hole in his CHIN after football header reopened old wound

Despite this appearing in the Daily Mail, there are no metaphors. The part about “squirting tea from a hole in his chin” is to be read literally.

Eww, that ranks up there with an Assam CTC or “fake” oolong (i.e. half oxidized black tea) in terms of disgust factor.

Nevertheless, in the hands of a master, this headline could sprout a blog post.

I’m not a master as conjuring blogs out of (near) mid-air though, so I needed 3 headlines to craft this post.

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