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Travelling with Tea

Most of the time, I don’t have this problem since those travels are to tea places. I would literally spend virtually the entire day drinking tea and I use a taster mug to perform covert tea comparisons in the morning. … Continue reading

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Is there a wrong way to brew tea?

In the matters of personal preference, there is no right or wrong, isn’t it? The only thing that is absolutely wrong is telling someone they are wrong. Hence, when it comes to brewing tea, nothing is wrong. What do you … Continue reading

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Dispelling Some Myths About Chinese Tea

Chinese tea has been an integral part of the Chinese way of life for thousands of years. Whenever you talk about ‘Chinese culture’, you won’t get very far without bringing it up. Yet Chinese tea is often misunderstood by not … Continue reading

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Giving This Old Zisha Pot a New Lease of Life

Last month, my mum found this Zisha pot in a storeroom. To cut a long story short, she bought it about 10 years ago but somehow forgot all about it. Happily I brought it home but when I unwrapped it, … Continue reading

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How to Brew Green Tea- Getting the Right Water Temperature

In brewing green tea, the most important thing is water temperature. If it’s too high, the leaves are scalded and tastes bitter. If it’s too low, the flavor of the tea is not unlocked. Most green teas have a recommended … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting- When your Brew Tastes Terrible

After you have poured yourself (or your guest) a cup of tea, you take your first sip and it tastes terrible! Your guest grimaces but is too polite to say anything. He doesn’t need to. The fact that he is … Continue reading

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Brewing Chinese tea- It’s not that hard after all

There is a common misunderstanding that brewing Chinese tea is a challenging task, only achievable if you had years of training and can comprehend arcane references. Here is a simple way to brew and enjoy pu-er (but you can use … Continue reading

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