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Travelling with Tea

Most of the time, I don’t have this problem since those travels are to tea places. I would literally spend virtually the entire day drinking tea and I use a taster mug to perform covert tea comparisons in the morning. … Continue reading

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Tea Knowledge

Lately we have added quite a bit of content to our company blog, mostly in regards to tea related information. When we first started Peony Tea S. we didn’t provide much tea knowledge, primarily because we are a retailer and … Continue reading

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Reboot, Re-launch, Relief- Redoing Our Online Store

After months of strategizing, procurement, research and other life devouring activities, finally our online tea shop is ready for re-launch. The road to re-launch was far, far, far more arduous and complicated than I ever envisaged but before we get … Continue reading

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Blinded By Taste

Comparison is never an easy thing particularly when a bit of subjectivity is involved. Especially when it comes to tasting, how can I be sure one tea tastes better than the other? For sure there is no matrix or objective … Continue reading

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Introducing Tea Guardian- The Best Tea Resource online I Have Came Across So Far

With all the promotion that I have been doing for Tea Guardian these 2 days, you could be forgiven for thinking I have a stake in it. Let me refute that in no uncertain terms, I came across this on … Continue reading

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Dispelling Some Myths About Chinese Tea

Chinese tea has been an integral part of the Chinese way of life for thousands of years. Whenever you talk about ‘Chinese culture’, you won’t get very far without bringing it up. Yet Chinese tea is often misunderstood by not … Continue reading

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Enhancing Your Tea Experience- Nurturing a Tea Pet

Chinese tea is a multi-faceted experience and rewards the loyal. Previously I blogged about nurturing a Zisha pot. For many tea lovers in China especially, nurturing a tea pet is also part of the territory. A tea pet is simply … Continue reading

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