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Tieguanyin and me

Here’s a confession: for many years I detested Tieguanyin. For me it epitomized all that I disliked about Chinese tea (as a complete novice to tea)- it was bitter, astringent (at least those that I had tasted which admittedly were … Continue reading

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Visually Comparing the 4 main sub-categories of oolong

Oolong can be further divided into 4 main sub-categories based on its area of origin- namely Minnan (Southern Fujian), Minbei (Northern Fujian), Taiwan & Guangdong.                     All the 4 types of … Continue reading

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Mt Wuyi- Probably the Greatest Tea Producing Area

If you have any interest in Chinese tea, very soon you will come across the word ‘Wuyi’ or ‘Mt Wuyi’ or ‘Wuyi tea’. Where is this Mt Wuyi? Location of Mt Wuyi Mt Wuyi or Wuyishan district is located in … Continue reading

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All About Oolong- Part II

Oolong Categories Oolong is broadly categorized into four main types- based on its place of origin.The four main categories are Min Bei (North Fujian), Min Nan (South Fujian), Guangdong and Taiwan oolongs. Min Bei Oolong Min Bei teas include the … Continue reading

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