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Not Following My Own Advice

Us know-it-all types often dispense advice liberally. I wrote more than 200 hundred articles on my company tea blog giving all sorts of information related to brewing tea, tea appreciation and the like. Sometimes though, I ignore my own advice … Continue reading

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Giving This Old Zisha Pot a New Lease of Life

Last month, my mum found this Zisha pot in a storeroom. To cut a long story short, she bought it about 10 years ago but somehow forgot all about it. Happily I brought it home but when I unwrapped it, … Continue reading

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My Tea Moment- Discovering an Infuser Cup

Certain events shape our lives however simple or innocuous they may appear. It must have been close to 10 years since it happened. Then I was just a newcomer to the glorious world of Chinese tea. I love the taste, … Continue reading

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Brewing Chinese tea- It’s not that hard after all

There is a common misunderstanding that brewing Chinese tea is a challenging task, only achievable if you had years of training and can comprehend arcane references. Here is a simple way to brew and enjoy pu-er (but you can use … Continue reading

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Getting the Right Tools for the Job- Pairing the Utensil with the Tea Type

There is a famous Chinese saying:‘工欲善其事,必先利其器’which means, if you yearn to excel at the job, you must prepare the right tools. Indeed, this saying is true in many ways, including brewing of Chinese tea. It is a common misperception that … Continue reading

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Enhancing Your Enjoyment of Chinese Tea Part I- ‘Nurturing’ a pot

The experience of Chinese Tea is more than merely consuming the liquid, as gratifying as that may be. There are so many facets to this wonderful experience that it often becomes intimidating, especially to the first-timer. If you have been … Continue reading

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