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Why I can’t be a reviewer- Part I

Or more specifically a tea reviewer. Well, besides the fact that I sell Chinese tea and perceived independence is lacking. After all, it would be pretty fun to share my drinking journey with the world at large. Not to mention … Continue reading

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Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon- The Tea House Booboo

I just watched Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon. Quite entertaining for what it is- Tsui Hark’s stylish action sequence, a charismatic as always Feng Shaofeng, Angelababy who is always pleasing on the eyes plus Chen Kun’s quirky … Continue reading

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Travelling with Tea

Most of the time, I don’t have this problem since those travels are to tea places. I would literally spend virtually the entire day drinking tea and I use a taster mug to perform covert tea comparisons in the morning. … Continue reading

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You can’t make this up

In order not to lose track of the tea world in the English speaking world, I skim the forums from time to time, at least the biggest and most established one. Long stopped commenting and participating because well, it is … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Singapore Haze

Last week, things have been hazy here in Singapore, literally. For a country that has been given the moniker of “Garden City”, haze (at those levels we should call it smog) is not something we are accustomed to. Courtesy of … Continue reading

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Musings on Tea & Health Benefits

One of my fundamental stand is that I sell tea not health benefits. Of course I believe there are health implications to drinking tea- both good and bad- and that I am bothered by the health implications of them doesn’t … Continue reading

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Tea Knowledge

Lately we have added quite a bit of content to our company blog, mostly in regards to tea related information. When we first started Peony Tea S. we didn’t provide much tea knowledge, primarily because we are a retailer and … Continue reading

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Reboot, Re-launch, Relief- Redoing Our Online Store

After months of strategizing, procurement, research and other life devouring activities, finally our online tea shop is ready for re-launch. The road to re-launch was far, far, far more arduous and complicated than I ever envisaged but before we get … Continue reading

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Visually Comparing the 4 main sub-categories of oolong

Oolong can be further divided into 4 main sub-categories based on its area of origin- namely Minnan (Southern Fujian), Minbei (Northern Fujian), Taiwan & Guangdong.                     All the 4 types of … Continue reading

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Uniquely Singaporean (and Malaysian) tea culture- Pork Ribs Tea

Bak Kut Teh or literally Pork Ribs Tea has achieved such ubiquity in Singapore and Malaysia during my formative years that it was only recently that I realized it was in fact unique to this part of the world. In … Continue reading

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