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The Allure of Green Tea

Green tea has gotten quite a bit of a bum rap; ironically it can be traced at least in part to the perception of green tea being a ‘healthy drink’. Many vendors seizing our proclivity to embrace health claims- hey … Continue reading

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How to Brew Green Tea- Getting the Right Water Temperature

In brewing green tea, the most important thing is water temperature. If it’s too high, the leaves are scalded and tastes bitter. If it’s too low, the flavor of the tea is not unlocked. Most green teas have a recommended … Continue reading

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Correcting Two Common Misunderstandings About Green Tea

After black tea, green tea is the most widely consumed type of tea in the world. Like Chinese tea in general, green tea is widely misunderstood but first a little background story. Green tea’s popularity started rocketing when studies emerged, … Continue reading

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An Overview of the Types of Chinese Tea

Commonly Chinese tea is classified into six types namely white, yellow, Pu-er, green, black and oolong. There are other types of tea related beverages that do not originate from the camellia sinensis plant are generally classified as herbal tea or … Continue reading

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Getting the Right Tools for the Job- Pairing the Utensil with the Tea Type

There is a famous Chinese saying:‘工欲善其事,必先利其器’which means, if you yearn to excel at the job, you must prepare the right tools. Indeed, this saying is true in many ways, including brewing of Chinese tea. It is a common misperception that … Continue reading

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